Topic outline

  • Module 1: Planning, organizing and managing – visualizing the entrepreneurial journey

    This training module will present the importance of the processes of planning, organizing and managing in the Cultural and Creative Industry (CCI). It focuses on how to pursue creative ideas in a commercial way by visualisation of the entrepreneurial journey. It examines the relations between creativity and entrepreneurship.

  • Module 2: Business planning

    This training module is part of the CreatiNNES set of trainings modules and will provide you tools, exercises and instructions to help you to develop a business plan for your business activities. It will help you to put on the “paper” the information you got about your business in an organized manner, to see your strengths and weaknesses and how you stand among the competition. 

  • Module 3: Marketing Strategy and Elements of the Marketing Mix

    In this module, you will learn about the basics of marketing: the basic skills to be more informed about the various instruments of the so-called “marketing mix” and about the methods used deciding on marketing activities. You will learn about marketing strategy development for your products and services. 

  • Module 4: Networking, Building Ecosystems and Entering International Markets

    In this module, you will learn what types of networks exist as well as necessary skills and useful methods for setting up and enhancing a network. The training module for CreatINNES networking is about different networks of local, regional and transnational partners, adding value to exisiting ecosystems, thus being practical in building resources for entering international markets. 

  • Module 5: How to Finance your Business Growth

    This module refers to access to finance for starting up a business, from idea realization to growing up a business. It refers to access to new market and greater business growth of Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) with origin in individual creativity and potential for wealth and job creation through the exploitation of intellectual property. 

  • Module 6: How to create, protect and manage your IPR

    This training module aims at providing answers to some of the main IP issues often faced. It has been developed on the basis of the experience gained by vast business development and startup support expertise. Moreover, it refers to several reference documents, which are listed within this module for further information.

  • Module 7: Go Digital with Social Media

    This modul is focused on the better understanding and the use of the tools, offered by different social media platforms. The main goal is to present different applications and platforms and what they can do for you as business owners and individual artists.

  • Module 8: Powerful Presentation and Pitching Skills

    Often when we present our ideas, we tend to get lost in explanation or small details and we tend to lose the attention of our audience. This can cause a lot of damage, as for example, we are pitching an idea in front of an investor. Therefore, the training programme is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills related to speaking to the public, how to make presentations and present ideas, using powerpoint or other programs. 

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