Announcement & Guidance

This blended training module is part of Training Program “Creative Thinking for Innovation”, developed within the EU project CreatINNES – Strategic Partnership for Innovation and Business Skills Development in the Cultural and Creative Industries Sector, funded by the Erasmus+ funding scheme 2018-2021.
Our blended training programme contains the following 8 modules:
•           Module 1: What is Design Thinking?
•           Module 2: E-commerce Done Right
•           Module 3: Visual Branding
•           Module 4: Growth Hacking
•           Module 5: Brainstorming and Advertising Techniques
•           Module 6: Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
•           Module 7: Creating Attractive Social Media Content
•           Module 8: Concept Development
 All modules are created by the guidance and support of the international CreatINNES team of business developers and players in Creative industry sector, based in five European countries: Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, and Macedonia.
You can find more information at the project’s homepage:

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